Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another Cover From Another Mother

Another Cover From Another Mother is:
A Dynamite Show (Frank Zappa) – Phil Dirt
T Bone Shuffle (T-Bone Walker) Rick Hucknall
Tales Of Brave Ulysses(Cream) - Rotary Connection
Jesus Just Left Chicago (ZZ Top) - Shemeka Copeland
Queen of the Slipstream (Van Morrison) - Son Seals
No Expectations (Rolling stones) - Bill Keith
Whole Lotta Back 2 Back with The King and Dread Zeppelin
The Idiot Bastard Son (Frank Zappa) -  John Tabacco
John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan) - Thea Gilmore
Beatle Break:
Things We Said Today - Mary McCaslin
The Word - Al Garner
Rain - Todd Rundgren
Changes (David Bowie) - Ian Mcculloch
Whipping Post (Allman Bros.) - Bonerama
Whiskey Man (Who) - Jordan Martin
Lumpy Gravy (Frank Zappa) - The Spoilers

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