Monday, October 19, 2015

This Podcast Could Be SEXIST!

Oh my! Don thinks he's some kind of God's gift to women on this week's podcast! All the different women, the the Clintonesque large numbers, the whole attitude!  The only conclusion we could draw is...the whole thing smells of SEXISM, but that won't stop us from bringing you these entertaining tunes, straight from the private collection of Don himself:

Women - Kinsey Report
Money Lovin' Women - Albert King
Skinny Little Women - Bobby Rush
Lazy Women - Bo Didley
Four Women - Don Covey
Ten Little Women - Cub Coda
Thirteen Women  B2B 

with Danny Gatton 
and Fuzztones
The Left Banke for Toni Hairspray
49 Women - Pee Wee King
Nasty Women - Andre Williams
Texas Women - Guitar Shorty
Honky Tonk Women B2B 

with Daddy Mack Band 
and Taj Mahal
New York City Women - The Booze
My Four Women - Sly Fox
Mall Women - Lyle Lovett

Oh My, Oh Don...

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