Friday, March 27, 2015

The Special Feature Special

Everybody knows that Trick's is "special" in a good way...we pride ourselves in presenting the most eclectic podcast possible and pay our cast...well, we won't go there.  One thing that makes us special is our various features such as the original "Back 2 Back", older features like the "Beatle Break" and "Bear's Choice Blues", and newer ones like "Guitar, Man!" and "We Got You Covered."  Join your host and the gang for this special presentation!

"The Special Feature Special"

Another Brick In The Wall B2B
Mostly Autumn
Luther Wright and The Wrongs

The Beatle Break:
I've Just Seen A Face - Charles River Boys
Lady Madonna - Gondwana
Dear Prudence - Rudy Rotta Band

My Favorite Record:
One More Shot - Levon Helm

Spiritual Spotlite!:
Christian's Automobile -Dixie Hummingbirds

Hey, Ride With Me Awhile:
Waiting For A Train - Big Jeff Bess

Bear's Choice Blues:
Well, Well, Well - Juke Boy Bonner
99mph - Chainsaw Dupont

Mr. Guitar, Man!
Telewhacker - The Twangbangers

We Got You Covered: Jimi Hendrix
Spanish Castle Magic - Diesel
All Along The Watchtower - XTC

Locked In The Studio with...
a Spaceman
The Byrds
William Shatner
Live Byrds!

Join us all for these  Special Features!

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