Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Duke Does The Doors

Some days are stranger than others and this is about as strange as it gets.  Today Duke  selected his favorite '60's band for our Backyard Band and Bar-be-Que and his choice is non other than The Doors, on of the era's most sensual bands. Who would'a guessed that!  So here we go...and hopefully the door we open on this podcast won't turn out to be the door with the tiger.  "The Duke Does The Doors" includes:
Light My Fire - 
Strange Days - 
Spahn Ranch
Riders On The Storm - 
Ex Voto
Hello I Love You - 
Oleander and The Newlydeads
Love Her Madly - 
Bo Diddley
Love Me Two Times - 
LA Woman - 
Days Of The New
Cosmic Movie - 
The Doors
Children Of Night - 
Perry Farrell y Eyene
Peace Frog B2B 
Smash Mouth 
Mephisto Waltz
Touch Me-
Ian Astbury The Cult
.When The Music's Over - 
Controlled Bleeding
The End - 
Rosetta Stone
Under Waterfall - 
The Doors

All doors lead to 

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Paul R Anderson said...

Arrowsmith approached the reincarnation of Jim in their cover of Two Times