Monday, May 19, 2014

Cooking Some Monkee Stew

It's almost Memorial Day weekend so that means it's time to get the Back Yard Band and BBQ together for another series of classic rock band podcasts covered as only the Back Yard Band can do. This year Don, Duke, and The Colonel each chose their favorite band artist from the golden era of rock. This edition features Dons favorite synthetic band from the '60's ...The Monkees. Join us as the guys share their favorite Monkee tunes cooked together into a great monkey stew, including these great ingredients:

The Day We Fall In Love - 
Deacon Lunchbox
Pleasant Valley Sunshine - 
Last Train To Clarksville B2B  
Big Fish Ensemble 
Manfred Mann
Randy Scouse Git - 
Live Bait
Let's Dance On - 
Doll Squad
Gonna Buy Me A Dog - 
Boise and Moss
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You - 
Monkees Theme - 
Flying subs
Ditty Diego War Chant - 
The Monkees
Circle Sky - 
The Diggers
Take A Giant Step B2B 
Taj Mahal
What Am I Doing Hangin' Round - 
Big Belt Buckle
Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day - 
Larry Joe Miller
St. Matthew - 
Bob Rupe Band
Valleri - 
Mitch Easter
Daydream Believer - 
Man Size Job
Monkees Theme Revisited

The Scandalous original 
Monkee Stew cover with hastily
applied new cover!

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