Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We Made It To The Final Floyd !

OK, this IS the last Floyd Show. There will be no Floyd Cramer edition, Floyd Patterson Special Edition, Foyd Mayweather Extra Special Edition, or even a Pinky Lee Limited Edition! With three Floyd's running around the backyard, I'm done and ready for the saneness of Don and the Old Colonel,  But before we pack them off, check out these "Final Floyd's"

On The Run - Oscillation
Astronomy Domine - Mike Keneally Band
Pigs on the Wing - Mostly Autumn
Us and Them B2B - Doug Paisley, Garth and Maud Hudson and the Easy Allstars
High Hopes - Shark and The Smoke
Fat Old sun - Mostly Autumn
Let There Be More Light - Phillip Glass
Young Lust - John Law
Time B2B with Kelsey's Woods and The Wolf People
The Gnome - Pink Floyd

Catch these tunes before the sun sets on Trick's Synthetic Podcast !

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