Friday, March 16, 2012

Saturday Single

Born James Moore in Lobdell, Louisiana, United States in 1924. He was the eldest in an orphaned family, Slim Harpo began performing in Baton Rouge bars under the name Harmonica Slim and later accompanied his brother-in-law, Lightnin' Slim, both live and in the studio. Notable covers of Slim Harpo songs include "I Got Love If You Want It," by The Kinks, "I'm A King Bee," by The Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and The Doors, and "Don't Start Crying Now," by Them, with Van Morrison. Never a full-time musician, Harpo had his own trucking business during the 1960s. He died following a heart attack in 1970.

From the one and only Slim Harpo, recorded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it's Cigarettes, on Trick's Synthetic Podccast!

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