Tuesday, July 4, 2017

499 and 1/2: A Lesson In Procrastination

We all took a month off to psyche up for the BIG 500th Podcast and then it happened...the scourge of the keyboard , writer's block! But now it's better and we are getting back on track with this almost 500th episode of Trick's that we call "The 499 and a 1/2 Podcast Special!"

The Ninety nine half:
Ninety nine and a half - Wilson Pickett
Hiway Ninety nine  -  Joe Hill Louis
Ninety nine  MPH - Chainsaw Dupont
Ninety nine and a half - Bobby Keys
Ninety Nine Pounds - Toni Price
T - Ninety nine - Jimmy "T 99" Nelson
Ninety nine and a half B2B with Henry Vestine and Steve Cropper
The Other Half:
Half - Barnes and Barnes
"Hey, Ride with me awhile": Half As Much - Van Morrison
 One Half Steppin' Chicken - Stone Crazy Blues Band
Half A Man, Half A Boy - Lucky 7
"The Spiritual Spotlite": If Paradise Is Half As Nice - Amen Corner
 A Half Hour Of Heaven - Martin Mull
Ninety nine and a half - Fever Tree

                              Ol' Trustworthy!

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