Saturday, May 13, 2017

498. Last Minute Gifts For Mom

Just got   these last minute gifts for Mother's Day in under the wire, because if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So unwrap the special tunes and when it's over you'll be another smilin' Momma's Boy!

 Mother’s Day  - Papa John Creech

Delta Momma Blues – Steve Earle
Oh Momma, Momma – Commander Cody
Call Me Momma – Bernard Allison
Motherly Love – Frank Zappa and The Mothers
Mother B2B 
with Pink Floyd 
and Celtic Pink Floyd
Mother - David Bowie
Hey Ride with Me Awhile: 
Hey Mommy – Brewer and Shipley
You Only Have One Mother – Tex Morton
The Mother Song – The Barry Goldberg Band
Mother’s Little Helpers – The Rolling Stones
Momma’s Little Jewel – Mott The Hoople
The Extra: A Letter to Mommy and Daddy – Barbara Lynn

  Yep, Momma's Happy!

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