Monday, May 8, 2017

497. Accordianna XVIII

Another classic  podcast from Trick's Synthetic Podcast, Accordianna XVIII features the best in accordionic harmonies squeezed into a one hour excursion of entertainment with:

Texas Ag Report – Zydeco Blanc
I Screwed Up – Joe Walker
Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho – Slim Chance
Texas Tango – David Lindley
If Daddy Don’t Sing Danny Boy – Hacienda
Frank’s Tavern – Chris Gafney
Will You – Chris Jagger
Make Her Slow Down – Zydecoal
Love handles – Bernie Alan Band
Goy My Jelly Working – Sean Ardoin and ZydeKool
Texas Zydeco – Zydeco Ted
Beatle Break: Hey Jude – Tiny Tim and Brave Combo
Polk Salad Annie – Zydecoal
Blow The Zydeco – Chris Jagger

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