Sunday, April 16, 2017

494. All about Hope

No matter how you get shuffled in the hard scrabble of life you always need HOPE. And this is what we are playing this week, an hour of hopeful tunes that we all hope you enjoy. Tunes like:

Hope - Seasick Steve
Ray Of Hope -  The Rascals
Hope It's Today - Mod Fun
Beatle Break:
Living In Hope - The Rutles
Hope - Kaaltu
Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day - Yes
Slender Thread Of Hope - John Kay and Steppenwolf
Interlude - Hopelessly - Steve Allen
Last Hope's Gone B2B 
with Paul Butterfield 
and Roben Ford
Hope In A Hopeless World - Pops Staples
Hay Ride With Me Awhile:
 I Hope You Shed A Million Tears -   
Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill
Big Dreams And High Hopes - Jack Ingram
Hope For Happiness - Soft Machine
Hope For Happiness (Reprise) - Soft Machine

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