Sunday, March 12, 2017

489. Time Changes

It comes every year, you know it is, but the biannual time change is...well, it stinks.  But at Stupid Rabbit we've devised a cure to the ills! Rather than "Spring Forward, Fall Back," we decided to "Spring Back, Fall Back!" That way we pick up two hours every year. which is just enough time to listen to this time warped podcast twice.  And just think, in 12 years you've gained a whole day! Enjoy these "timely" tunes with your extra hour:

Daylight Saving Time? - Keith
Times They Are A'Changing - Pete Antel
Time B2B with Robbie Krieger and Poor Man's Whiskey
Out Of Time - Chris Farlowe
Beatle Break:
Any Time At All - Melanie
Not A Second Time - Hay Jude
Break Time: Changing Times - Cliff Driver
Time - David Bowie
Spiritual Spotlite:
Last Time - Blind Boys of Alabama
Praying Time - Leo Welch
The Usual Time - Steve Earle and The Dukes
Hey, Ride with Me Awhile:
Time Changes Everything - Jimmy Heap and His Melody Makers
Any Ol' Time - Wayne "The Train" Hancock
Next Time You See Me - Doug Sahm
Time Remains - The Nomads
Groovin' Time - Dr. John
Try "hour" method because you'll be late anyway!

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