Sunday, March 5, 2017

488. Easy As ABC ... "Another Beatle Cover" Podcast

As Spring rolls around our thoughts turn to "love" and since all you need is LOVE, you obviously need this lovely Beatles covers podcast featuring love,  Love, LOVE, ... and these great Beatle tunes:

Back In The USSR - Chubby Checker

I Got A Feeling - The Blues Beatles

Oh Darling - Broken Records

Hey, Ride With Me Awhile:

I Feel Fine - Charles River Boys

Act Naturally - Leon Russell

Instant Karma - Larry Page Orchestra

Norwegian Wood B2B 
with The FolkSwingers 
and Rudy Rotta Band

You Can't Do That - Blues Beatles

Penny Lane (Interlude) - String Quartet

Paperback Writer - R. B. Greaves

Revolution - Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, and Tab Benoit

Soldier of Love - Blue Shadows

She's Leaving Home - Milos Karadaglic and Tori Amos

Run For Your Life B2B 
with Fiona Silver 
and Dwight Twilley

Yesterday - Blues Beatles

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