Wednesday, March 1, 2017

487. State of the Podcast, Addressed!

After yet another hiatus, this time due to the flu bug going 'round, we are back again. And it is time that we address the question,"What is the state of the podcast?" Well, America, the state of the podcast is sound...SOUND WITH A BEAT! So join the whole gang as we address the state of the podcast with:

How Do I Feel Today - Tintern Abbey

I Feel A Streak Of Love Coming On - Wayne Raney
I Feel So Good - J B Lenior
I Feel Much Better - Small Faces
Feel Like Ramblin' - Darrell Nulisch
I Feel That Old Feeling Comin' On - James Brown and His Famous Flames
B2B  - I Feel So Good with Jimmy Logsdon  and The Alvin Brothers
Break - I Feel Good - Earl Hooker
I Feel So Bad - The Morlocks
Cause I Feel So Low Down - Bob Bozman
I Feel So Low - Katie Webster
Beatle Break B2B I Feel Fine with Leslie West and Hay Jude
I Feel So Fine - The Castaways!
Feel Free - Talmud Shud
Feel So Good - Dwayne Dopsie
Feelin' Good - Little Junior's Blue Flames
Feelin' Alright (fade) - Freddie King
This podcast might leave you speechless!


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