Sunday, January 22, 2017

484. Trick's Gets Jack'd!

Join us this week for a completely customized podcast...we do target marketing to every Jack within the podcast ether  area UNIVERSE !  But, don't fret if you aren't named Jack or even John, we guarantee you'll love this episode with several guest stars named, what else, Jack.  So join us and get completely "Jacked" with the jacked up tunes:

Hey, Jack - Lester Williams

Jack, I'm Mellow - Trixie Smith

Jack, You're Dead B2B 
Steve Gipson and The Red Caps 
and The Arist-o-kats

Happy Jack - The Who

My Friend Jack - The Smoke

Master Jack - The Third Half

Jumping Jack Flash B2B 
The Rolling Stones 
and  Primeval Unknowns

Jumping Jack - George Barnes Octet

Jack The Idiot Dunce - The Kinks

Dear Jolly Jack - Garland Jeffries

Hey, Ride With Me Awhile:

Black Jack David - Warren Smith

Hobo Jack's Last Ride - Cliff Carlisle

That's On Jack, That's On - Cats and The Fiddle

Happy Jack, Too - Southern Culture On The Skids

Pack My Jack - J.J. Cale

Hit The Road Jack - The Animals

My Name Is Jack - John Simon

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