Saturday, December 3, 2016

477 All I Want For Christmas

Yes, it is a long list, but when Christmas only comes around once a year...well, you gotta get it while you can.  Besides, since there's a new Ol' Saint Trick in own, we are stretching out the definition of "Old" to include you my friend! So grab a mug of cocoa and put your feet up by the fire while "New" Ol' St. Trick reads you his list for this year:
What I Want for Christmas, Hint,Hint...
All I Want For Christmas - Bowlin' For Soup
I Want To Be A Hippie - Champion Jack Dupree
I Just Want To Dance With You - John Prine
Hey, Ride With Me Awhile:
I Want To Live and Love - Junior Brown
I Want Candy - The Strangeloves
I Want My Baby - Bo Diddley
Spiritual Spotlite:
I Want To Be Loved - Lorraine Ellison
I Want To Tell You - NRBQ
I Want You Baby - Billy Lee Riley
Time Out for a word from our sponsor!
Beatle Break:
I Want You, She's So Heavy - Joe Anderson and Friends
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Rev. Al Green
Back 2 Back:
Money, That's What I Want

with The Silent Partners and Georgie Fame
Something I Want To Tell You - Small Faces
I Want To See My Baby - The Glass Family
I Just Want To Be There For You - Fire Hates Rain
I Want To Do Everything For You - Jimmy Hall
All I Want For Christmas - Dread Zeppelin 

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