Sunday, October 9, 2016

Talk, Talk

It's just like deja vu all over again...yes we had a "talking" podcast just a few weeks ago, but this is a "talk" podcast..."talking", "talk", see they are completely different, yet similar.  But don't take our word for it.  Listen to this one and then listen to the other one. We think you'll agree...we talk too much! We also play music, see:

Sweet Talk - Naughty Ones
Talk To Me - NRBQ
Talk Talk B2B 
with The Inmates 
and Webb Wilder
Talk Is Cheap - Gales Brothers
We Can Talk About It Now - The Band
Shop Talk - John Prine
Small Town Talk - Bobby Charles
Mama, Talk To Your Daughter For Me B2B 
with John Mayall 
and Johnny Nicholas
Let Them Talk - Rotary Connection
Spiritual Spotlight:
Let's Talk About Jesus - James Ulmer
Talk To My Baby - Robert Lighthouse
Let's Talk About Girls B2B 
Chocolate Watchband 
and Pretty Things
Hey Ride With Me Awhile:
 If You Talk To My Baby - The Backsliders
Don't Know Who To Talk To Anymore - Kim Simmonds
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Terry Adams and Steve Ferguson
Signing Off With:  

Over The Rainbow - Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps 
Then Play, Play !

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