Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rockets To The Moon!

Join us and special co-host, Mister Spock, as Trick's Synthetic Podcast takes off to regions unknown.  We are headed to new heights and as usual thing don't go quite as planned, but that's another story... This podcast is classified as outta this world, with tunes like:

Count Down -  Casey Grams
Rocket Ship - John Butcher
UFO Rosie - Weeping Tile
Unfunky UFO - Parliament
Beatle Break:
B2B Across he Universe - The Beatles and Rufus Wainwright
Spaceship - Sean Lennon
Mid Podcast Interlude:
Flying Saucer - Little Walter
Brain Damage (Dark Side of the Moon) - Vocomotion
Mighty Mo Rogers B2B with Moonwalking On The Moon
and Dispatches From The Moon
Rocket Man - Pearls Before Swine
From Space - Anders Osborne
Mayday From Space - Jimmy Carl Black
Talkin' Alien Abduction Blues (fade) - Dan Bern
Trick's is much better than a poke in the eye!


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