Sunday, October 16, 2016

472 Heads East

As you know we don't travel abroad... but this week we are heading east. We are taking a musical journey to the land of sitars and nehru jackets. And if we are lucky we might even catch a glimpse of an elusive maharishi! So grab your love beads and jump into our magic bus as Trick's Synthetic Podcast heads east!

Just On Conception - Them
Eastern Jam - Country Joe and The Fish
Utterly simple - Traffic
Light Of Love - Humble Pie
Beatle Break:
She's Leaving Home - Big Jim Sullivan
Norwegian Wood - Beatles
I Am The Walrus - Lord Sitar
Gomper - The Rolling Stones
Moon Raga - The Byrds
I'm The Light - Blue Cheer
Wind Of Change - Eric Burdon and The Animals
Girls In Your Eye - Spirit
East/West - Paul Butterfield Blues Band

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