Sunday, September 18, 2016

An "All Talking" Podcast ! ? !

No don't go getting your panties in a wad...there's music, too!  We've hand selected tunes with one thing in common, they're all tied to "talking." So limber up your mouth to you can talk along with these talkative tunes:

Street Corner Talking - Kim Simmonds

Talking to the Wall - Michael Nesmith

Everybody's Talking B2B with 
Harry Nilsson and Bill Withers

Talking In The Dark - Elvis Costello

Talkin' Trash - The Marathons

Talkin' Woman - Lowell Fulsom

Spiritual Spotlight:

Talking About Jesus - Delaney and Bonnie

Talkin' 'bout You B2B with 
The Animals and Faron's Flamingos

Talkin' To My Baby On The Telephone - Brint Anderson

Hey, Ride With Me:

 I Hear You Talkin' - Mike Penny

Don't Start Me Talkin' B2B with
Fraternity Of Man and 
Jimmy Rogers with Mick 'n' Keith

Who's Been Talking - Murali Coryell

My Favorite Record is:

I'm Not Talking - Mose Allison

Talking To You - Savage Resurrection

Over The Rainbow (Fade) -  James Moody and his Cool Cats
Please, Do Not Talk Over The Podcast!

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