Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Dog Days of Dogust

 The "Dog Days" are upon us and what's a person to do except accept the inevitable, you gonna be hot and sweaty!  So join the gang as we go sweatin' to the oldies with this "dog day", afternoon edition of Trick's Synthetic Podcast. This one's guaranteed to leave you howling for more... can you say"Yo, Dog!"

I Love My Dog - Sweet Linda Divine

My Dog - Elvin Bishop

Old Brown Dog - John Koerner

Shaggy Dog - Grady Gaines

Hound Dog B2B with

Junior Wells and Jimi Hendrix

Two Legged Dog - Fiona Boyes

Mad Dog Blues - Don Covey

Three Legged Dog - Harem

If Dogs Run Free B2B with

Bob Dylan and Al Kooper

Black Dog - Skuffle

Little Dog - Lou Reed with Metallica

Old Egg Sucking Dog - Flametrick Subs

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