Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another Fine Mess of a Podcast

Leave it to Trick's to make a mess of things and turn it into a theme for a episode. After Don drops all the tunes for this weeks podcast on the way up from our vault, we were left with a sizable mess! But Duke takes front and center as Trick's Synthetic Podcast presents,
"Another Fine Mess"
"The Hot Mess Express!" 

Horrible Mess - Mofo Party Band
Don't You Mess With My Money - Jesse Gee
Messin' With The Kid B2B with East Texans
Freddie King and Ally Venable
You Don't Want To Mess With Me - Nick Gravenites
A Mess Of Blues - Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
Messin' Up - The 5 Royals
Mess Around B2B With 
John Mayall and The Animals
Don't Mess with Cupid - Otis Redding
Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - Ry Cooder
Messin' The Blues - Robin Trower
Don't You Mess With It - Dikki Du and the Zydeco Crewe
Don't Mess With It B2B With 
Gary Moore and  Fleetwood Mac
Mess and a Half - Brint Anderson
Jiving Mess - Kid Thomas


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