Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trick's Valentines Day Bonus...Just For You

Trick's Synthetic Podcast presents this special holiday bonus edition of"Take A Stand!" presented in 60 millimeter wide screen for that superior stereo experience!  Sometimes you just have to take a stand with:
Stand - Sly and The Family Stone 
Please Take A Stand - Pacheco and Alexander
You Stand By Me - The Who

Stand By Me B2B with Otis Redding 
and Ry Cooder

Don't You Stand In My Way – The La De Da's

Stand Up – The Band
It's Mr. Guitar, Man!

Standing On the Bank – Tab Benoit

I Come and Stand At Every Door – The Byrds

Standing At The Station – 10 Years After

Standing On a Mountain Top –The Cate Brothers

Standing on the Outside of Her Door – Robert Gordon

Standing at the Crossroads B2B Brint Anderson 
and The Underground Electrics

I Stand Alone – Al Kooper

Beatle Break: 
I Saw Her Standing There – The Inmates

Stand By Me, Stand By You – Small Faces

Stand (Fade) – Mitch Ryder

Take a stand with Trick's Synthetic Podcast!

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