Friday, January 29, 2016

It's A Classic !

Around the Stupid Rabbit Labs we don't throw the term "classic" around loosely. So, when we say this is a classic, your ears better perk up.  This episode has most of the features that made Trick's Synthetic Podcast..."special." It has a load of cover tunes, a double dose of back 2 backs, A Beatle Break, A "Hey, Ride with Me Awhile," a "Guitar, Man,' and Spiritual Spotlight...and a few more covers.  Listen and you'll agree, this IS A CLASSIC!

Continuing Saga Of The Classic Bummer - Jerry Jeff Walker
"The Covers"
I Got The Blues (Rolling Stones) - Solomon Burke
The Letter (Box Tops) - Fear Itself
"The Back 2 Back"
Mama Told Me Not To Come B2B 

with Wilson Pickett and Eric Burdon
"Time For A Beatle Break"
Here Comes The Sun - Milos Karadaglic
A Hard Day's Night -  The Dynamits
You Can't Do That -  Ian Gomm
Things We Said Today - Bob Dylan
"More Covers"
Psychotic Reaction(Count 5) - The Tailgators
Outside Woman Blues (Cream)- Doug Brockie's Jet Bluesbrakers
All The Young Dudes(Mott The Hoople) - Susanna Hoffs
"Hey, Ride With Me Awhile"
Hen Pecked Polka - Augie Meyer
Dead Flowers B2B with Willie Nelson and Caitlin Rose
"Spiritual Spotlight"
You Gotta Move - Zionaires
"Guitar, Man"
Harlem Nocturne - Danny Gatton
"The Classic Sign Off"
Over The Rainbow - Booby Keys and Keith Richards

Yep, she's a classic!

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