Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Welcome to the New, Upgraded TSP!

The upgrades are complete and we now present the "New 'n' Improved" podcast...it is so improved we now boast "The Best 20 Minutes of Podcasting Wrapped Into A One Hour Show!"  With that said, what better time to press that "Follow" button and join the new in crowd who just can't do with out their Trick's.  Come on, you can do it ... Follow Me:

Why Don't You Follow Me - Mighty Joe Young
Follow Me - Lyme and Cybelle
I Will Follow - Ian McLagan and The Bump Band
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down B2B with Bob Dylan and Hot Tuna
Follow Me Through - Souther - Hillman - Furray Band
Follow- Chad Mitchell
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - The Kinks
I'll Follow The Sun Double B2B with The Beatles, Brothers Four, and Judy Collins
Can You Follow - Jack Bruce
And I Will Follow - After All
You I'll Be Following - Love
When The Blues Follow You Home - Danny Cowan Group
If You Follow Me Baby - Furry Lewis
Wasn't Born To Follow - The Byrds

 You can do it... Follow Me*

(*Shameless promotion)

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