Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Doctor's Orders

Under doctor's orders, I am cutting back to one podcast per week. His exact words were more like,"You need to get off that computer and start doing something!"  So, to keep him off my back this is it for the least for the present time, enjoy:  

Ask The Doctor - Dan Hicks
Dear Doctor - The Rolling Stones
I Don't Need No Doctor B2B 

with Bill Wyman 
and Humble Pie
Call The Doctor - MoFo Party Band
I'm Your Doctor - Muddy Waters
Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard
Dr. Robert B2B  

with Luke Temple 
and The Beatles
Dr. Marvello - Klaatu
Dr. Rhythm - The Dave Clark 5
Like The Doctor Said - Buddy Jones
There's A Doctor - Hillbenders
Dr. Jimmy - The Who
Rock And Roll Doctor - Little Feat
Doctor Boogie - Flammin' Groovies

And a tip o' the hat to "cartoon of the day" and

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