Saturday, November 28, 2015

Danger Is My Middle Name!

Danger, danger, Will Robinson...and everyone in earshot because this is a podcast chock full of dangerous stuff.  Milk curdling tunes from musicians on the brink, THE BRINK,  THE BRINK of  D A N G E R ! Gather your family around, close your windows and lock your doors as Trick's presents...
Danger Is My Middle Name with these very dangerous tunes!

Danger Man - David Bromberg
Danger - J. J. Cale
I'm In The Danger Zone - Chuck Berry

Living In The Danger Zone - Little Jimmy King
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead - Loading Zone
Week Of Living Dangerously - Steve Earle
Dangerous Beauty - The Rolling Stones

Oh What a Dangerous Life - Terry Allen and The Panhandle Mystery Band
A Word from Danger Himself
A Dangerous Threesome with:
Syl and Jimmy Johnson
Roy Gaines
Johnny B. Moore
Danger Zone B2B with Stone The Crows and Freddie King 

 I'm talking Dangerous with a capital "D" 
Not just risky behavior!

Listen, but be warned...did I mention this was Dangerous!


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