Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's October 3rd, just what were you expecting?

It's the Annual 3rd of October Trick's Synthetic Special Podcast for Dr. Lucky's birthday.  Join us  as we celebrate,  for the 63rd time,  yet another trip around old Sol for the last man not on Facebook, the master of clay manipulation, the collector of rare and unusual items. with mirth, merriment, and music:
Georgio - Happy Birthday
Hair Rave Up and Swingle Singer B2B  Birthday
Clem Snide - Happy Birthday
Gene Phillips - Happy Birthday
Robin Trower - Birthday  Boy
Billy Childish - Birthday Boy
Roy Gaines - Happy Birthday Blues
The Gobos - Birthday Song
and more... 
Three out of four agree
this podcast is coming right at ya' !

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