Friday, October 9, 2015

Hello Dere !

Recorded "Live" at the sands of Las Vegas, that's the sands outside of Vegas...not the hotel, just for those celebrity "Pod Katz" known to hang around the VIP rooms by the Strip! Pest strip, that is. So you too can be in the "In Crowd"  by turning this on in your car, slapping on the sun glasses, and driving around town with the windows down and this blaring from the stereo. It's guaranteed to draw a crowd! And when they ask where did that come from...tell them Trick's Synthetic Podcast sent you. The All Star Cast is:

Hello World - Horace Heller
Hello There Universe - Mose Allison
Hello Chicago - Neil Young
Hello Little Friend B2B 

with Joe Cocker 
and Leon Russell
Hello Baby - Leroy Washington
Hello Little Baby - James Cotton
Hello Josephine B2B 

with New Iberians 
and Wilko Johnson
Hello Baby - Circus Maximus
Hello Little Girl - Gerry and the Pacemakers
Hello Friends - Lamb
Hello I Love You B2B 

Ken Hensley 
and The Doors
Hello, Hello - Sopwith Camel
Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis
Hello Little Girl, Goodbye - Chuck Berry
Hello, Goodbye (reprise) -Dwight Twilley
Hello - Sonny and Cher

Now drive way out into the dessert and enjoy the show!

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