Monday, September 21, 2015

Face 2 Face

Duke filled in this episode for Don while he is aaaaaah ... incapacitated, and created the "Face to Face!" two songs that look at each other!"  With ideas like this we all will be happy when Don gets out of the pokey , returns to the podcast. But in the mean time enjoy this Duke's Face to Face Special presentation:

I've Just Seen A Face 
with Leon Russell 
and Joah Valley
The McCoys

Face The Face
Pete Townsend
Don't You Mind People Grinnin' In Your Face 
with Johnny Nicholas 
and James Ulmer
Stone The Crows
Another Face
Bow Street Runners
Nice Legs, Shame About The Face 
with Rich Dart 
and The Monks
More "crammed in"
Doll Face
Todd Snyder
My Brave Face
Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello
Funeral Face
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names
Suzie Gotta Sweet Face
Ian McLagan and The Bump Band
Stoned Faces Don't Lie 
with The Bottle Rockets 
and Doug Sahm
Faces - Had Me A Real Good Time (fade)

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