Friday, September 25, 2015

Accordianna 15

In this podcast Don and I explore the curious timing that places Oktoberfest smack dab in the month of September.  And along the way we explore the many facets of the accordion, and why it is the most misunderestimated tool in the musical coloring box! We also play great tunes like these:
Hey Come Dance a Polka
The Polka Cats
Las Coronelas
Steve Jordan
Beast Of Burden
Dwayne Dopsie
Bottle Of Brandy
Ronnie Lane
 In Search Of A Rose
Mike Scott and The Waterboys
Take Me Back
Day After Day
 Los Fabulocos
Yodel 2
Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Romance In Durango
Bob Dylan
Just One Look
Arlen Roth
Cesar Rosas
Terry Anne
New Iberians
The Dance of the Otter Droppings
Ed Cox
Can't Go On Without You
Radio Kings
Sinking ships
Petrovich Blasting Company
Funeral De Marina
Polka Madre
... is good for the whole family!


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