Friday, August 7, 2015

The 400th

An epic production, years in the making and mere minutes in execution, it can only be the best 15 minutes in podcasting, rolled into a one hour two hour show (stay tuned folks) !  Join us as we look back at years of musical merriment and forward to bigger and better things from Trick's Synthetic Podcast and these nuggets:
Side 1
Looks back:
Episode # 1 "October Special"
Ooh Midnight - Pete "Guitar" Lewis
Intoxicated Man B2B with Mick Harvey and Serge Gainsboro
It's Time For A Beatle Break:
Don't Let Me Down - Dillard & Clark ( # 8 Falling Into A Beatle Break)
Soldier Of Love - The Derailers (#82 Tweet The Beatles)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - William Shatner (#84 No Replays)
A New Level Of Tributetude!:
Voodoo Chile - Robert Lighthouse (#36 Jammin with Jimi)
Little Miss Lover - The Rubber Band (#37 Son of Jimi Jammers)
May This Be Love - Eric Gales (a Jimi Jammer Special)
Under My Thumb - Lucky Peterson (# 46 No Stone UnRolled)
Midnight Rambler  - Larry McCray (#48 Beggar's Buffet)
See Emily Play - Polka Floyd (# 135 Hey, Floyd!)
Us and Them - Easy All Stars (#137 Final Foyd, Floyd to the 3rd Power)
Like A Rolling Stone B2B by
Drive By Truckers (# 89 It's A Big Dyl!) 

Soup Greens ( # 90 A Sweet Dyl)
Side Two: Just be patient...
I'll flip the record over Sunday, for now enjoy Side One!

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