Sunday, August 9, 2015

Side 2 of the Podcast...

as we flip over the record of this 400th podcast. On this side of the podcast we celebrate everything "Trick's" including our regular and irregular features such as the Spiritual Spotlight, the Back 2 Back, My Favorite Record, and others. We also highlight our most special themes reoccurring Accordianna and The Annual March Texas Birthday Celebration. We even throw in a few of our favorite filler tunes, the ones your likely to hear at any moment...So "hear" we go!

Side 2 is:
A Look at our regular features:
Spiritual Spotlight:
I Got Hope - Blind Boys of Alabama
Hey, Ride With Me:
Waiting For A Train - Big Jeff Bess
Mr. Guitar Man:
Dimples - Teisco DelRey
The Back 2 Back:
I'm Not That Kat Anymore 
Los Super 7 
The Texas Tornados
My Favorite Record:
Old Man Atom - Ozie Waters
The Fillers:
Scratchy - Travis Wommack
Wipe Out - Country Rockers
Dance To It (Chicken Stuff #2) - Hop Wilson
Headed to Texas (March)
Texas - Electric Flag
Deep In The Heart Of Texas - Tom Principato
Texas Cannonball - Buddy Miles
Let's Go Dancing - Roy Hogsed
Bol Weevil- Elvin Bishop
 Bottle Of Brandy. - Ronny Lane
Zydeco Cadillac - Cadillac Kings
My Babe - The Vagrants (2015 TSP Theme)
Over The Rainbow (fade) - Billy Ward

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