Friday, August 28, 2015

A Brief Survey of British Blues

Born in the Delta of the River Itchen outside of South Hampton, the blues soon migrated north past Winchester, Basingstoke, Egham and Twickinham via the M3 making their way to London, where they exploded electrically in the clubs of London's southside and Carnaby Street, but never quite making it to Abbey Road Studios... So join the professor of musicology, better known as simply Ray, as we wonder through this brief history of British blues with:

The Early Bluesmen:
Rambling on My Mind - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Got Love If You Want It - Yardbirds
Hoochie Coochie Man - Manfred Mann
You Gotta Move - Fleetwood Mac

The Rockers Sing The Blues:
Milk Cow Blues - The Kinks
Gin House Blues - The Animals
Bright Lights, Big City - Them with Van Morrison
Little Red Rooster - The Rolling Stones

Those Psychedelic Blues:
Ain't Superstitious - Savoy Brown
I'm So Glad - Cream
Spoonful - Ten Years After
Playing with The Masters:
Power Of The Blues - B B King 
with Ringo Star, Klaus Voorman, and Gary Wright
I Want To Have A Word With You - Howlin' Wolf 
with Clapton,Voormann and Starr
London Berry Blues - Chuck Berry 
with Ian McLagan and Kenny Jones
Got My MoJo Working - 
Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones
Two Contemporary Players:
Woke Up This Morning - Alexis Korner
Truck Stop (fade) - Chris Rea
Around Trick's Synthetic Podcast we are all 
Red, White, and Blues!

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