Monday, July 27, 2015

You Gotta Eat !

...and when you don't have anything in the fridge or the gotta go shopping! And that's exactly where we find the guys on this episode of the podcast. Come on along with your host as he  takes a trip down to the market. You never know who you might run into there.  By the way, here's our shopping list:

Eatin' With The Boogie - Sam Gaillard

Turnip Greens - Steve Gipson and The Five Red Caps
Small Red Apples - Nappy Brown
Banana - Joe "King" Carrasco
Banana Boat B2B with The Kinks and Stan Freberg
One Potato, Two - Music Explosion

Pork Chops - The Dorsets
Barbecued Ribs - Three Riffs
Bacon Fat B2B with The Band and Taj Mahal
Boudin Man - Evan Johns and The H Bombs

The Extras:
Cornbread - Band Of Heathens
Peanut Butter Time - Bill Wyman
Hot Tamale Man - Jimmy "T99" Nelson
Hot Dog and Beer - William Clarke

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