Friday, July 24, 2015

Down On The Farm

Don and the Colonel get "Down On The Farm" with this trip over to my virtual farm, complete with virtual veggies and virtual cockerel chickens I picked up, virtually, from Big John R...the only non virtual part of the trip is the horn of plenty full of farm tunes including:

Down On Farm - Webb Wilder
On The Farm - NRBQ
Maggie's Farm B2B 

Frederick Hibbert 
Mark 5
Miss Judy's Farm - Faces
Levon Helm B2B 

America's Farm 
Poor Old Dirt Farmer
Animal Farm - The Kinks
Old McDonald Had A Farm Pt. 1and2 - Rufus Thomas
Farmer John B2B 

The Searchers 
The Premiers
The Farmer's Daughter - The Beach Boys
Farm Girl - Ry Cooder
Sweet Farm Girl - Harmonica Frank Floyd
The Old Farm - Barry McGuire
Down On The Farm - Seasick Steve
On The Farm - Skip Roper and The Whirling Spurs

This is a virtual masterpiece!

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