Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Mystery Box goes soft...

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Parker Compton co-founded the band Appaloosa with violinist Robin Batteau in the late '60s. Both were heavily influenced by the folk scene in Cambridge, Mass. John got his start singing in a Cambridge church choir before he and Robin began playing the coffeehouse circuit.  While teenagers they went to Al Kooper's office at Columbia Records, to show Kooper his songs. Kooper told the kid to come back some other time.  Rather than leaving the gutsy duo began playing for the office secretaries.  Hearing their unique style, Kooper recorded them and within a year the musicians had an album out called, Appaloosa. While it would be over 40 years before Compton issued a second Appaloosa album with a new set of musicians, he never left the music field and continued making music in his soft, folk style. Here is Compton's Mystery Box:

Yesterday's Roads - Appaloosa 1969
Silk On Steel - Compton Batteau 1970
Marker - To Luna 1971
Laughter Turns To Blue - Live at WMPG 2006
Walker Street - Unplugged 2005
Rosalie - Live At Turk's Head Coffeehouse 1968
Tim Hardin Song - Appaloosa Never Gone 2013

Enjoy John Parker Compton's Mystery Box 
and if you like the music drop him a line.

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