Monday, March 16, 2015

Freedom Sings!

Fifty years ago this month brave men and women led by Dr. Martin Luther King, a Baptist minister, marched peacefully in Selma, Alabama for the freedom of equal rights for all people.  They asked not for preferable treatment, but for equality.  To honor these courageous men and women, Trick's Synthetic Podcast celebrates with this special podcast...

Let Freedom Sing!
South Memphis String Band

Freedom's Child
 Billy Joe Shaver

Chimes of Freedom Triple B2B
with The Byrds,
Dino Desi and Billy
and Bob Dylan

Velvert Turner Group

Freedom Highway
Mavis Staples

Freedom Rider

My Favorite Record:
Freedom and God
 Coco Robiceaux

'69 Freedom Special
 Buddy Miles Express

 The Misunderstood

Spiritual Spotlight:
Freedom Road
Blind Boys of Alabama

On The Road To Freedom
 Alvin Lee and Mylon LeFevre

Lonnie Shields

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