Thursday, November 6, 2014

we are . . ."Spaced Out!"

. . .on this episode of Trick's Synthetic Podcast.  We are joined by our BFF Bill Shatner as we search for "Khan" but before it's over we will discover what trouble a snooty accent khan get one into! Confused, you won't be after you listen to the podcast featuring these  spaced out tunes:

Jelly Bean Bandits
Flying Saucer Rock B2B
Sleepy LaBeef
Robert Gordon
Journey To The Stars
Space Cossacks
Supersonic Rocketship
The Kinks
Space Truckin'
William Shatner
2069: A Spaced Oddity
US 69
My Favorite Record:
Rocket 69
Ronnie Lane
The Air
Our Flying Saucer
Spaceman - The Roches
Beatle Break:
Across The Universe
David Bowie
Satellite of Love B2B
Joseph Arthur
Lou Reed
Chicken Spaceman
The Marathons
My Real Gone Rocket
Jackie Brenston
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Signs Off
Would we lie about something like this !?!

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