Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Black Friday

...and everything's on S.A.L.E. and you'd better come on down before the pickings get too slim. At Trick's we never pass up an opportunity to take a cheap shot make the most of a festive celebration, so here's a special deal on music chosen especially for "BLACK" "FRIDAY" get out there and spend, spend, spend... some time with these tunes:
Dressed In Black
Ben Vaughn

Back 2 Back 2 for 1 Sale!
Black Is Black
Big Maybelle
Los Bravos
Paint It Black
Ali Campbell
The Animals
Harper's Bizarre
Colin Linden
All Blacked Out:
Black Rose
Billy Joe Shaver
Thinking Black
Ike Turner

Black Friday Profit Center Break

Friday On My Mind B2B
David Bowie
It's Friday Night Somewhere:
It's Friday Night
Los Loney Boys
Somewhere Friday Night
The Turtles
Friday Hill
Edwards Hand
Friday Night w Van Dyke Parks
Timothy B. Schmitt
Black Friday Rule
Flogging Molly
Happy Trails 'Till Next Time:
Happy Cowboys
Texas Jim Lewis 
And His Lone Star Cowboys

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