Thursday, November 20, 2014

A World Full Of Violins

As we approach the holiday season, the staff at Stupid Rabbit asks everyone stop and take a moment to envision "Whirled Peas" ... We know this is very difficult with all the violins present in today's world. Violins is everywhere you turn.  Its tightly strung presence raises its crooked head and we find ourselves confronted with  a hollow body existence full of "F - holes!"  Well, if you can't escape the violins, you might as well learn to embrace it, and maybe this will help, as Trick's Synthetic Podcast explores the world of violins:

A World Of Violins:
Keep On Truckin'
Hot Tuna
Streets In The City
Pete Townsend and Ronnie Lane
Left Banke
Beatle Break:
She's Leaving Home
The Beatles
The Charles River Boys
Ticket To Ride
The String Quartet
Another Day
The Rutles

Will The Violins Ever Stop:
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Status Quo
Tired Of Waiting 
The Flock
I Got A Woman
Al Kooper

Hummingbird B2B
B.B. King
Leon Russell

Total Violins: The Finale
Paper Garden
Walk Don't Run
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra
This Is Clumsy Love
The Clumsy Lovers
Along Came A Viper
Dan Hicks and The Hot Licks

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