Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We took our monthly stroll through the stacks of wax down at the local thrift shop and came home with these beauties:

The Cleopatra Kick
Jack LaForge
Not Fade Away B2B 
with Eric Hines 
Florence and The Machine
Mr. Cool
Rasputin's Stash

My Favorite Record:
Ever Since the World Ended
Mose Allison
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
Bobby Scott

Educational Music Bloc:
The Goddard H. S. Stage Band
Thank You
Kashmere H. S.Stage Band
Up Tight
 Langley H. S. Stage Band
Second Helpings:
Arabian Jerk
The Merits
I'm A Man 
The Original Tropicana Steel Band
Beatle Break:
Have You Heard The Word
The Fut
The Rutles
I'll Keep You Satisfied
Sgt. Pepper's Band
Spiritual Spotlite:
Too Close - Malford Milligan
The Last Note:
Congo Mambo - Guitar Gabriel

Thank you very much!

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