Friday, October 3, 2014

It's An All New Season

We begin our 8th season with a new look on the old podcast, so come on along as Trick's Synthetic Podcast goes where everything old is new again with...

New Kind of Love
Barbara Lynn
Ain't That Good News
Levon Helm Band
The New Look
Porky Freeman

My Favorite Record: 
New Beginnings
Eric Gales
2nd Stack:
Just Like Gene Autry
Moby Grape
Poor Man 
The Merrymen with Boz Scaggs
Hat Trick
Dale Hawkins

Beatle Break: 
Think For Yourself 
Coope, Boyes And Simpson
The Swing Shift:
Monkey Buisness
King Snake
Sweet Child Of Mine / Who Do You Love
The Roots
Till The End Of The Day
Johnny Chann and The New Dynasty

Tumbling Tumble Weed B2B
 with Mike Nesmith 
Jack Savage and His Cowboys

Spiritual Spotlight:  
Atomic Power
The Cowboy Philosopher

Fourth Quarter:
Natural Life
Web Of Trouble
 Catfish Knight & The Blue Express
My Babe - The Vagrants

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