Friday, October 17, 2014

In Search Of: The Cosmic Cowboy Crooner

This is classic country as in a cosmic '60's kind of style, and around here that's what you get. Join our own cosmic cowboy, Duke, and the rest of the "Chili Bowl Round-up Gang" as they relive their "hay" days with these long haired country boy tunes from the past:

Head 'em up, move 'em out:
100 Years From Now
Go and Say Goodbye
Buffalo Springfield
Country Boy
Head Hands and Feet

My Favorite Record :
The Flying Burrito Bros.

Texas Cosmic Roots:
I'm Coming Home
Commander Cody
Texas Me
Doug Sahm
Five Cent Bag
Augie Meyer's Headband

Spiritual Spotlite:
To The Lord
The Grease Band

Take Me Back To Texas:
Cobey's Song
Rusty Wier
Desperadoes Waiting For The Train
Guy Clark

Song For You B2B
 with Willie Nelson
 and Leon Russell

Unlikely Country Crooners:
Things Have Gone to Pieces
Van Morrison
Lawd I'm Just A Country Boy 
In This Great Big Freaky City
Alvin Youngblood Hart
High Again
McGuiness Flint
Country and Western
Earl Hooker

The Ultimate Cosmic Crooner:
Your Man
Unknown Hinson
 While this may not be Cowboy, it's still

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