Friday, August 8, 2014

In search of ... Our Mentor, Mr. Lou

In 2001, when satellite radio was in its infancy, there appeared on the horizon a station like none other.  The radio gods had finally given us a station for lovers of music, who had bored with AM's bubble gum Top 40 play list, and even FM's album oriented, college was called "Special X" and special it was!  The station featured "shows" like, Wax Your Woodie (surf music),  "Parrot Training Records,", "Polka Party," "Wabbit Trax" (cartoon music), "Magical Misery Tour" (Beatle covers),  and holiday specials like "Special XMas."  Unfortunately, this phenomenon was to be short lived.  In January 2004 , XM announced that four channels would be eliminated to make way for new programming and Special X would end programming on February 1.This short three year  was enough to inspire your host to approach Stupid Rabbit Laboratories to establish the Trick's Synthetic Podcast online presence in early 2005, after a 25 year run on the Mutual Radio Blue Network.  So enjoy this tribute to the master of imagery, the creator of Special X, Lou Brutus...

Lou Brutus - Wesley Willis
I Think About Stuff - Those Darn Accordions
Fiery Line - Farrell Brothers
I'll Always Love You - Singing Chainsaws
She Loves You - Los Xochimilcas
Ringworm - Van Morrison
Seasons in The Sun - The Squirrels
Rebel, Rebel - Jorge Seu
California Dreaming-IBM Computer
Love Potion No 9 - Nancy Sit
An Excerpt From Special X's Last Broadcast - Lou Brutus
Planet Earth - William Shatner
Shadrack - Golden Gate Quartet
Mama Don't Allow - The Ink Spots
Psycho B2B with Eddie Noack and  Andre' Williams
Black Coffee Blues - ''Texas'' Bill Strength and his Saddlepals
Spanish Lesson - Broken Bow and Idabel
Fight For The Right - Richard Cheese
Merry Go Round - Wildman Fischer
Surfin' USA - Pennywise

Yes It Does!

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