Sunday, August 17, 2014

Song Songs

It's official, I took the "30 Day Music Challenge" and promptly came down with a complex case of writer's block and writer's cramp!  But to help me overcome this predicament the guys pitched in and selected a bunch of inspirational tunes from the vault to help me get the ink flowing!  So join us as we get the ink flowing with these songs about songs!

Beating Writer's Block:
Please Buy This Song
Broken Bow and Ida Bell
Wrong Song (Snipet)
Corby Yates
Morphine Song
Ray Davies
Radio Song

Real Tear Jerkers:
5000 Country Songs
Ry Cooder
A Country And Western Song
Andre' Williams
A Song For You B2B
Willie Nelson 
Merry Clayton

I Wrote It Just For You:

Song For Juli
Jesse Collin Young
Song For Jeffrey
Jethro Tull
Song for Janie

Moving On:
Road Song
Canned Heat
Train Song
Danny Cox
Airplane Song
Voodoo Pie
Bus Song
Chad Mitchell

Some Days The Song Writes You
Guy Clark

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