Monday, July 7, 2014

The Missing Episode

 Well, we found this one down in the vault, right next to the lost Beatle tapes from a few years back.  I asked around and nobody realized this episode was missing.  So join us as we play the Trick's Synthetic Podcast's "Missing Episode!"

Man Gone Missing - 
Chris Rea
I'll Be Missing You - 
The Searchers
Missing You - 
Al Kooper
The Missing Rutles Song - 
The Rutles
Missing Person - 
JJ Cale and Eric Cllapton
Missing You  - 
Smokey Wilson
Missing You - 
John Mayall
Missing Link - 
Five Aces
Missing You - 
Chris Hillman
Missing You - 
Todd Snider
The Missing Piece - 
Cherish The Ladies
Spiritual Spotlight:
Something Is Missing - 
The Holmes Brothers
I'm Missing You - 
Mitty Collier
Missing Tyrone - 
Bernard Allison
Two Days Missing Down The Vipe  - 
Chris Rea
Miss You - 
The Rolling Stones

Yes, What about # 301 !?!

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