Thursday, July 10, 2014

The All American Podcast

After an unfortunate event at our 4th of July backyard BBQ, the Colonel wanted an All American podcast to help him recuperate. So, as they say..."This podcast is for you, Bud!"
We're An American Band - 
Grand Funk
American Pie B2B 
Don McClain 
Mott The Hoople
American Talking Blues - 
Bow Street Runners
American Farm - 
Levon Helm
Sold American - 
Kinky Friedman
American Joe - 
Little Doug (Sahm)
American Girl - 
Tom Petty
 In the American Grain - 
Tom Russell
American Music - 
The Blasters
Roy Cox B2B 
American Music 
Hot Smoke and Sassafrass
American People - 
Trail Dragger
American Dream - 
Smoke House
American Wheeze - 
16 Horsepower
Star Spangled Fade - 
Rick Derringer
Ouch, the colonel's gonna be a righty for a while!
And this podcast is "All Right," too!

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