Thursday, June 26, 2014

Undercover Confidential

Straight from the pulp mags of the 1960's comes this episode of Trick's Synthetic Podcast. Never has a podcast exposed such blatant rip offs of other artists tunes!  You'll be shocked! SHOCKED!  SHOCKED! at these bands as they profit on other performers' fame and talent by playing their signature songs stolen from top selling records of the day . . . or maybe not.  Confidentially, this is just another one of our cover tune show with:
Magic Bus (Who) - 
Heart Full Of Soul (Yardbirds) - 
Gary Lewis
96 Tears ( ? and The Mysterians) - 
The Music Machine
You Really Got A Hold On Me (Beatles) B2B 
Jackie DeShannon 
Richard Studholme
7 and 7 Is (Love) - 
Billy Bragg
Brand New Key (Melanie) - 
Hot Smoke and Sassafras (Bubble Puppy) - 
The Mooch
Colours (Donovan) - 
Keith Allison
All Along the Watchtower (B Dylan) B2B 
Brewer Shipley 
The Sand Rubies
Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) - 
Dave Stewart and Vanessa Paradis
These Boots Are Made For Walking [Lee Hazlewood] - 
Maria de Medeiros
Kissing My Love (Bill Withers) - 
Cold Blood
Gloria (Them) - 
Tangerine Zoo
I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Electric Prunes) - 
Deviled Ham

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