Thursday, June 12, 2014

The List

Trick's Synthetic Podcast goes shopping, with a list situated firmly in our host's head.  And as everyone knows, if you do that, you'll probably be being going back to pick up those things you forget. So to alleviate that probability, he alphabetized his list. Here take a look:

The List:
The Booze
Apple Tree (bare root)
Coal Porters
Black Slacks (1 pr.)
Robert Gordon
Bull Whip (Leather)
Geronimo Black
Candy (Snickers)
Tom Petty
Clock (night table size)
The Persuasions
Encyclopedia (A thru Z)
Fan (12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating) (hardware)
go back and pick this up
 Green Onions (2 bunches) 
Paraffin Jack Flash Ltd. 
Mongo Santamaria
Gunpowder ( take photo I.D.)
 Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybees
Kerosene (1 gallon)
Eli Cook
Matzoh Ball Soup (Kosher section)
Sam Gillard
Money (ATM ?)
James Ulmer
Pork Chops  (yummmm!)
the Dorsets 
Wheels (2- automotive)
 Gram Parsons 
Burrito DeLuxe

. . . while in automotive area
Antifreeze (near wheels)
 Asylum Street Spankers
 Fan (12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating) (hardware)
Red Meat
Chrysler 300
T Bone Singleton's Mainline

I think he dropped it HERE .

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